Golden Mainstreet

After Google announced support for textures in 3D models as a new feature for Google Earth, I revisited a project we have completed in 2005 for the City of Golden, CO.

GURA and the City of Golden were studying the aesthetics and functionality ofDowntown's facades, awnings, walkways and streetscape. Currently, the large variety of awning designs, especially withpoles, disturb the streetscape and the pedestrian experience.At I created a 3D Visualizationof the main street, focussing on different awning types. The modelhelped to imagine what the streetscape would look like without awnings and with different awning options.An Online Visual Preference Surveyhelped to capture the public opinion on what would be appropriateawning designs for Mainstreet, Golden.

Since this was done in Sketchup, I easily imported the status-quo model into Google Earth and though it still has some rough edges it looks pretty nice - a lot better than the visualizations we did with ArcScene back then. Only the navigation in Google Earth is still pretty basic.

Download and explore the file here... (10mb)

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