GeoSummit unconference in Boulder

This Saturday I'll be at FRUGOS - the Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source"unconference" in Boulder, CO. Anyone interested in discussing the intersection of geography, location,and technology should join us. It's basically free, besides a couple of bucks to cover food and beverages. Roughly 30 people have signed up yet, should be an interesting group and big enough to fill multiple tracks. So far the following sessions have been proposed:

  • HostGIS Linux: a Linux distro for lazy mapmakers
  • PubliclyAvailable Data <> Publicly Accessible Information: How can weencourage our public sector to embrace new models of (spatial) datadistribution
  • OGC -- what is it, who cares? (or, Standards are Your Friends)
  • OpenLayers -- Google Maps WITHOUT the Google Maps (or, Tessellation Is Your Friend)
  • Rolling Your Own Google Maps (I've Got Two Turntables and 150 Lines of JavaScript)
  • Web services, W*S, REST, SOAP, RSS, Atom Publishing Protocol
  • Mobility/Location-Based Services
  • Modeling the ancient world
  • KML applications
Go to the GeoSummit Google Group to get more information.
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