[Disclaimer: This list has not been updated since mid 2008, please contact me for newer references until I find time to revise it]

This is a selection of projects that represents my skills both around public involvement and communication technology - my personal eParticipation mix:

Routt County Vision 2030

Visioning process for the Steamboat Springs area

  • Organize engaging workshops featuring keypad polling and groupware.
  • Design interactive meetings
  • Customize open source groupware to collect feedback from roundtable discussions


Creating Resilient Communities - South Carolina

Multi-media outreach campaign and interactive website for a multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary regional planning process

  • Conceptualize interactive outreach campaigns
  • Develop platforms that support surveys via cell phones, website and mail
  • Design outreach materials, such as flyers and posters
  • Implement project websites to inform the public and provide an intranet for team members


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Berlin Wall Dialogue

Online Dialogue to support a masterplanning process for areas of the former Berlin Wall

  • Develop cross-media participation strategies that combine traditional face-to-face events with online deliberation
  • Facilitate online discussions with diverse participants
  • Evaluate public involvement projects


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Presidential Climate Action Plan

eConsultation between several workshops to move participants towards consensus on strategies and action items

  • Conceptualize custom eConsultation tools to support multi-phase public involvement projects
  • Develop customized user interfaces to help participants accomplish complex tasks
  • Statistical analysis of outcomes


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Safe Routes to School - Munroe Elementary School

Engage kids and their parents in a Safe Routes to School process

  • Implement interactive kiosks for exhibitions
  • Organize mapping workshops with both school kids and parents


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CDOT Demonstration Project

Demonstration of interactive mapping tool to gather expert and local knowledge about future growth

  • Design cross-media strategies to enable participation both in meetings and remotely
  • Develop online mapping applications to gather spatially referenced feedback



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Philadelphia LANDvisions

Visioning phase to develop ideas about how to deal with Philadelphia's vacant properties

  • Organize large interactive town hall meetings with 400+ participants
  • Technology setup and support for all aspects of the meeting
  • Design various creative group exercises including mapping, visioning and story telling
  • Administrate ArcIMS web map server
  • Impact analysis with CommunityViz


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Other Web Applications

This is a collection of web applications I've developed over the last two years, mostly built on the open source platform Drupal:

  • TextTheMob.com enables users to create polls and message boards for live events. Anyone in the audience can submit their choice by sending a text message or on a mobile web page. Results are displayed in real-time.

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  • RE-Text.Info enables Realtors and Landlords to communicate with passerbys at their properties 24/7. It lets users create text messages that are sent to prospective buyers upon request with a summary of their listing and a link to a mobile web page that provides more in-depth information and images. Cell phone numbers of text message requests are saved as reports and provide unique leads and opportunities to follow-up with potential clients.

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  • iCommunity.TV was envisioned as a collaborative platform for local news with the intention to promote video as a media for citizen reporting. As an aggregation platform iCommunity.TV ties into the popular video-sharing service Youtube.com, extends its offering by letting a broad audience georeference and sort video clips in news categories and offers multiple convenient ways to watch and subscribe to these custom channels (e.g. “Politics in Berlin, Germany”). (Currently unsupported)

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