Mapping a youth friendly city - the 910Arts project

At CU Denver, I recently helped design and implement a mapping application to collect feedback from Denver's youth about what they like and dislike in their neighborhoods. The application wasn't simply a static map often used by car rental companies, like ­car hire shannon­. It was an interactive mapping application that was used to conduct a survey. Children and teenagers were able to add markers to their home or other important places and answered three short questions about the neighborhoods around them. The whole application was built as a kiosk, and participants at the exhibition were able leave their feedback right at the spot.

The big opening was last Friday and I heard back from Darcy Varney, the curator of the exhibition, today: "... it adds a wonderful interactive dimension that has already engaged lots of people and was consistently popular throughout the weekend."

For the mapping part I rediscovered the WorldKit toolkit. One, because of its annotation feature, which is really easy of use and its ability to attach all kinds of input, especially in this case survey questions. The lack of an internet connection was another reason to go with WorldKit as a lightweight mapping solution without having to add something like GeoServer or MapServer to the mix.

Also, as much pain it is to make websites work with Internet Explorer, the kiosk mode is wonderful. If you're looking to adding kiosks as part of your eParticipation projects, you should definitely take a look at this feature

Can i see it in action

First I want to point you to an article with a similar approach in community organizing: It is Coulton, Claudia; The Place of Community in Social Work Practice Research- Conceptual and Methodological Developments, 2005 and you find it on the net here Also I wanted to ask you, if you will give a report on the project and show the resulting worldkit app? I am really interested in the interaction and potential this project revealed. Michael

Demos yes, but unsure about report

Hi Michael, it's kind of embarrassing how long it took me to respond - just installed a better notification module. Here's a demo of the initial application adjusted to work online and in the meantime I've been working on another showcase project, that integrates the approach with the open source platform Drupal. This enables more functionality and flexibility out-of-the-box. As for the report, I'm not at CU and the project team anymore, I'll have to wait and see. Cheers, Chris
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